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Issue 253


How to Make Sense of Inherited Design
Study the existing design and how your customers use it before you redesign.

Getting Ahead as an Early-Career Designer
Advice for those new to designing professionally.

Intercom’s fundamentals of good interaction design
A look at Intercom’s product design principles.

The Bauhaus: Finding Creative Inspiration in Collaboration
What can UX learn from the iconic design school one hundred years later.

How to deal with people who don’t “get” design
A practical guide on minding other people’s business.


Affordable User Testing For Prototypes & Websites With Userbrain
Run unmoderated user tests on prototypes built in InVision, Figma, AdobeXD, etc. or test any public URL – no coding required. Target real users from our panel of over 30.000 Userbrain participants and get your first results in a few hours.

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Tools and Resources

A super lightweight Figma desktop app that delivers a more natural Mac experience.

Color System Plugin for Sketch
Light and Dark Mode directly in your design with one click.

An AI algorithm that predicts the attention of users.

Button Contrast Checker
Enter your domain and test if your buttons have enough contrast and are compliant with WCAG 2.1.

UXem – Empathy Map Tool for UX Designers
Empathy map tool for designers to visualize user’s need.


How Spotify Is Upleveling Their Entire Design Team
Spotify shares how their Framer X toolkit is empowering designers to prototype with data.

A Prescription for Good Design – Wireframe Podcast
Electronic health records aren’t just cumbersome and time-consuming, they’re actually damaging the doctor-patient relationship. How can UX designers help?

Facilitating structures with Stephen Anderson – UX Podcast
Stephen talks everything from teaching, leadership, and the future of designers as design coaches.

UX Portfolio

Pratibha Joshi
Pratibha is a Product designer from Seattle.

Last But Not Least

How Video Games Inspire Great UX
How video games can provide valuable insights in ordinary, every day apps.

“Asking users to adopt new behaviors or even modify their existing behaviors is very, very hard. ”
— Khoi Vinh

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