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Issue 251


The problem with tooltips
Some of the downsides of tooltips and what to do instead.

Bottom Navigation Pattern On Mobile Web Pages: A Better Alternative?
Fixingthe mobile navigation of our websites to have a lower interaction cost.

Large Devices Preferred for Important Tasks
Despite substantial improvements in mobile UX over the past decade, people still tend to do their most important online activities on larger screens.

A Designer’s Path to Empathy: My First Four Steps
Four steps for any designer integrating themselves into a new team.

Designing Dark Mode
How Microsoft crafted Dark Mode experiences across Microsoft 365 that adapt to your daily flow.


Collect user insights (practically) anywhere with Nudge for Prototypes.
Catch design mistakes and usability issues pre-deployment with Qualaroo. Nudge for Prototypes is compatible with InVision, Figma, Axure, Marvel, AdobeXD, and (most) public URLs. No code required. Sign up for a trial and try it free!

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Tools and Resources

High-Fi Protyping with Protopie
Learn to prototype advanced animations and interactions with ProtoPie 4.0 in this free course.

Practice logo design using randomly generated client briefs.

Sketch 58 Beta
The upcoming Sketch will now allow smart layout – keeping the space between layers consistent.

A design library to help you be more organized.

UX Portfolio

Jess Phoa
Jess is a UX designer and researcher from Brooklyn, NY.

Last But Not Least

How googly eyes solved one of today’s trickiest UX problems
A little robot at a library in Helsinki went from reviled to beloved, all because it got a new pair of plastic eyes.

“Every great design begins with an even better story.”
— Lorinda Mamo

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