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Issue 25

Hope the week has treated you well and you’re ready for another jam packed issue. I’m giving away another UX book this month so enter for a chance to win. Big thanks to Rosenfeld Media for providing the prize.

– Kenny


Design Explosions: PBS Kids
Jon Bell and William Van Hecke from UX Launchpad provide a in-depth design critique of the PBS Kids iOS app. Their previous exploration of Google Maps vs Apple Maps was quite popular.

Design Details: Tumblr for iOS
Brian Lovin continues his design detail breakdowns and this time it’s for Tumblr which he calls one of the coolest apps in the world right now with world-class design and an extremely polished end-product.

A Brief History of User Experience
A look back at some of the key events in the evolution of UX design.

ustwo Reimagines the In-Car Cluster
The studio behind the hit game Monument Valley is rethinking in-car displays and have included a prototype and design assets for you to play with.

7 Ways Doodling Will Change Your Life
Some compelling reasons why you should doodle. If you want some inspiration, check out this UX Sketchnotes eBook (PDF, 37mb) from UX Mastery.

Why The Card UI Is The Next Big Interaction Paradigm
With mobile, wearables, and portable devices in our future, the card UI paradigm is one you should expect to see more of.

How to Give Better Product Feedback
The best feedback is the one most likely to create empathy and elicit product change. Cemre Güngör, product deisgner at Facebook, offers some tips to give better feedback.

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Tools & Resources

UX Archive Animated
Now see your favorite flows and interactions animated.

Facilitation and exercises for creativity and presence
A number of different activities from Steve Portigal that invite the participants to have a novel moment and then reflect on it to reveal something potentially profound.

Download 1450 premium SVG icons for free


Interaction15 (Video)
Talks and panels from Interaction15, held in San Francisco in February 2015.

The Architecture of Advocacy, Christina Wodtke (Video)
Christina Wodtke’s opening keynote at this year’s World IA Day where she talks about designers being taught the skills to make good design, but not the ones that will assure that design will go live.

How They Got There (eBook)
Fourteen interviews with digital designers about how great careers are made by Khoi Vinh, VP of User Experience at Wildcard and formally design director for the New York Times.

Phone Life (Video)
A short documentary comparing Matthew Rogers, a UX designer in San Francisco who designs apps but doesn’t own a smart phone, and Tess, a smartphone-addicted teenage girl.

UX Portfolios

Jessica Wang
Jessica’s portfolio provides a timeline, contribution, and tools for each of her projects, along with her process and deliverables.

UX Jobs

Senior UI/UX Designer at Product Hunt (San Francisco)
Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day and they are looking for a UI/UX designer to create a more delightful experience for their community.

Last But Not Least

Vince Vaughn Poses for Idiotic Stock Photos

The next time you need to use those cheesy stock photos, at least put a celebrity in them. Get a free set of stock photos featuring Vaughn and other actors to promote their film.

“If you just keep adding features without considering overall structure, your app becomes like the Winchester Mystery House.”
— Peter Merholz

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