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Issue 249


4 Rules for Intuitive UX
Improving the UX of your designs without hours of user research, paper prototyping, or any other trendy UX buzzwords.

The power of critique
How to improve feedback on your team.

UX Watch Parties
How to help your team get the most out of research interviews

Why a cookie-cutter design system won’t work for your organization
Linzi Berry shares the story and core principles of Lyft’s design system.

Usability testing and how to convince your stakeholders
Why you should care and take into consideration when doing usability testing.


Collect the User Insights You Need to Design Confidently With Qualaroo
Creating valuable digital products is about understanding your users. Sign up for a free demo and we’ll show you how to automate user research and design products people love.

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Tools and Resources

How Design Companies Build Communities
The most comprehensive overview across the web on how big design companies build digital communities.

Extract design tokens from websites and use them in code and in your design tool.

Sketch 57
The newest version of Sketch now allows you to reorder layers in a Smart Distribute selection and better boolean operators.

UX Portfolio

S. J. Zhang
S.J. is a UX & Product Designer currently interning on the App team at Sonos.

Last But Not Least

Design Tooling at Scale
The story of how Dropbox Design migrated to Figma and structured their cross-platform design system.

“Because every person knows what he likes, every person thinks he is an expert on user interfaces.”
— Paul Heckel

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