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Issue 248


Humanizing Machine Learning
Lessons learned from designing adaptive page testing for HubSpot.

An Essential Tool for Capturing Your Career Accomplishments
Putting together a comprehensive collection of your résumé and portfolio content.

Should websites be accessible to everyone? Domino’s says no
Domino’s is challenging a court order that required it make its websites and apps accessible to all users.

5 Steps to Creating a UX-Design Portfolio
The process of creating a UX-design portfolio allows you to reflect on your skills and achievements.

Here is a sweet user research routine
How to keep cool and deliver impact when research feels overwhelming.


Designing Products People Love is Easy With User Insights by Qualaroo
Creating valuable digital products is about understanding your users. Sign up for a free demo and we’ll show you how to automate user research and design products people love.

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Tools and Resources

An open-source plan to bring a fully-featured Figma from desktop to tablet.

ProtoPie 4.0
An interactive prototyping tool with an updated look and reusable interaction components.

A free and open source design presentation and collaboration platform.


UX London 2019 talks
Some of the talks from this year’s UX London.

The Design Process – New Layer Podcast
The different ways the design process must be used to meet specific project needs

UX Portfolio

Jonathan Patterson
Jonathan is a freelance Product Designer from Detroit.

Last But Not Least

The case study factory
How the formulaic approach to UX case studies is numbing our critical thinking as designers, and how to bring a unique point of view to our work.

“Solitude is a catalyst for innovation.”
— Susan Cain

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