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Issue 245


Rise of the meta-designer
The profound challenge of actually designing the conditions for good design to emerge and thrive.

Defining Design Generalists
Exploring the skill set of an underrated superpower.

Mental Model Examples
How do you rethink your life through the lens of mental models?

5 Tips For People Who Just Started In UX Design
Five key tips for new UX designers.


[Free Guide + Template] User Journey Mapping
What’s a tool that can improve your understanding of the user experience and provide direction on your product roadmap? A customer journey map. Kick off your customer journey mapping efforts with Qualaroo’s free guide and template!

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Tools and Resources


From Innovation to Impact (PDF)
Six strategies to help you stop design thinking, and start design doing

Want to dig into UX Research? Here’s some must-reads
Books to help you get a more comprehensive view of research in the context of UX design.

From Team to Solo Designer (feat. Michie Cao)
Michie Cao, formerly of Twitter and currently the sole designer at Sisu talks about her experience of working at both a large corporation and a small startup.

UX Portfolio

Elizabeth Lin
Elizabeth is a product designer at Khan Academy.

Last But Not Least

How Uber designed its app for the rest of the world
The design that helped make Uber a powerhouse wasn’t as effective in other markets.

“The worst way to know if people would pay to use a product or if they would use it repeatedly is ask them directly. Humans are very bad at predicting their future behavior.”
— Tomar Sharon

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