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Issue 244


Shortcuts to superpowers
What an emerging design pattern tells us about disruption.

Honestly, it depends
Outlining the impact of every single design change.

How to Learn Product Design as a Newbie
Learning a new craft is all about the right learning materials, development tools, and having a determined mindset.

The Growing Demand For UX Managers
The hot UX job right now is User Experience Manager which is sign that things are changing for the better.

Extending Atomic Design
Atomic design is 6 years old and the design system landscape has dramatically changed.

10 usability heuristics every designer should know
A look at interaction design principles created by Jakob Nielsen 25 years ago that is still relevant today.


Land A UX Job On Vettery
Vettery is an online hiring marketplace that is changing the way people hire and get hired. We use machine learning and real-time data to match talented job-seekers with inspiring companies. Our goal is to enrich and automate the recruiting process, make hiring more rewarding for everyone.

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Tools and Resources

Framer Motion
An open source React library to power production-ready animations.

Transfer layers from Sketch and Figma into After Effects with the least amount of friction from visual design to motion.


Shape Up
A free online book about how the folks at Basecamp do product development.

Dylan Field – Overtime Design Podcast
Figma co-founder Dylan Field talks about building design tools that empower collaboration.

Bob Baxley – DesignBetter
Bob talks productive design reviews, getting in sync with engineers, and what it takes to build key relationships with executives.

UX Portfolio

Adam Noffsinger
Adam is a Senior Product Designer at Dropbox working on Design Systems.

Last But Not Least

Predict your future in design and tech.

“I grasped the notion that design was not about superficial styling but rather about a process, an investigation, a try-out, and a passion based in curiosity and discovery.”
— Rob Forbes

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