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Issue 243


Jony Ive and the Myth that Only Certain People Can Design
Finding inspiration in Jony Ive’s ability to make things.

Five Habits of Design Thinking
When common sense is not enough.

7 learnings that’ll make your Google Design Sprint even better
7 learnings to help you get the best out of your design sprint.

The Attention Economy
Digital products are competing for users’ limited attention.

Doing ethical research with vulnerable users
Learnings on how to conduct research with vulnerable users and advice to others who may need to do the same.

Design guidelines: how I get design done
Align stakeholders and designers by creating design guidelines. Also read part two about the golden filter of ux design and part three about organizing a workshop.

Tools and Resources

A native Windows app that supports .sketch files.

Eva Design System:
A deep learning color generator.

5 Deadly Onboarding Mistakes To Ban From Your Product
Early notifications, vague copy, faking scarcity and more things you shouldn’t do during onboarding.


On Presentations
Useful tips to make your next presentation a success.

UX Portfolio

Saloni Joshi
Saloni is a Product Designer at Dynamic Signal in San Bruno.

Last But Not Least

User Inyerface
A challenging game of all the things not to do for your user interactions and design patterns.

“There’s no learning without trying lots of ideas and failing lots of times.”
— Jony Ive