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Issue 241


Design edge cases and where to find them
Considering edge cases matters because what inevitably happens when they’re ignored is something, somewhere in what’s built gets overlooked.

Thoughts on Hiring a Design Leader
The foundational issue affecting hiring design leaders that is that the role of design leadership is poorly understood.

A complete guide to iconography
How to build icons, align them with your brand, and implement them into your design system.

7 ways to lean into an open design process
How to navigate the changing world of modern design.

How to integrate UI animation strategically into your portfolio
4 strategic frameworks to better help you communicate the value of what you want to focus on in your portfolio.


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Tools and Resources

Free logo generator by Shopify.

Whimsical Mind Maps
Fast & beautiful mind maps with real-time collaboration

Getting Started with Design Systems eBook
A free book that’s simple in structure, human in explanation.

Stubborn Generator
Customize illustration characters with Sketch symbols and Figma components.
Record your screen from the browser with no installation required.


Key moments in the user journey of Simple
A publicly available illustrated sequence that depicts the end-to-end experience of Simple’s primary users: the nurses.

UX Portfolio

Adam Ho
Adam is a designer focused on visual design and web interaction whose worked with companies like Postmates, Figma, and Airtable.

Duolingo’s User Retention: 8 Tactics Tested On 300 Million Users
A case study into how Duolongo gets people to come back.

Last But Not Least

A bird’s-eye view on famous logos.

“One sure-fire way to stay creative: force yourself to learn something new”
— Harvey Mackay

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