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Issue 240


5 key lessons from “Psychology in Design” to help you advance UX
Great UX designers are often great readers of human mind.

Understanding Mental and Conceptual Models in Product Design
What happens if you don’t consider them and how to build a strong conceptual model.

The HEART of the Matter
Google’s framework for measuring design value.

How to Use Children’s Book Storytelling Techniques in Presentations
Make a more memorable and inspiring talk that any presenter can give.

7 Tips for Collaborating with Other Researchers
How three researchers from different teams became a dynamic, mutually supportive power trio.


[Guide + Template] The Ultimate Customer Journey Map
What’s a tool that can improve your understanding of the user experience and provide direction on your product roadmap? A customer journey map. Kick off your customer journey mapping efforts with Qualaroo’s free guide and template!

Download your template and guide today.

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Tools and Resources

The Product Experience Playbook
A set of principles and processes to help Automattic Design create the best digital product experiences.

Framer Playground Course by Design+Code
A free course on Framer’s new built-in code editor and prototyping library.

A community for designers to share their published work. Read more about why it was built.

Trendy 404s
A set of creative 404 templates for your next project.


What Happened in Vegas – Your Undivided Attention Podcast
How far can the attention economy go toward stealing another moment of your time?

Brad Frost and Dan Mall – DesignBetter
Dan and Brad about talk reducing friction between between designers and developers.

UX Portfolio

Mac Kozal
Mac is a UX Designer based in Amsterdam.

Last But Not Least

Tesla’s UX is too far ahead to make sense (now)
When UX and UI go at a different pace than the rest of technology.

“Certainty is a closing of the mind. To create something new you must have doubt.”
— Milton Glaser

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