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Issue 239


Do products dream of living forever?
A designer’s dive into longevity in software products.

Creepiness–Convenience Tradeoff
People do a type of cost-benefit analysis weighing the loss of privacy against the benefits they will receive in return.

8 Rules for Perfect Form Design
Tips for better forms, including the most common mistakes designers make and how to fix them.

How To Start Using Sketch And Framer X
A tutorial about how to build prototypes and interactions by making use of the pre-built components in Framer X.

5 principles for more accurate user testing
An approach to up-skill designers, developers and product managers in the art of testing.


Tag, Analyze, Search and Share All Your UX Research in One Place with Aurelius
Aurelius a searchable repository where you can track insights that span multiple projects in one central place. Search, share and store UX research with ease. Quickly answer the question “Do we have any research on this?”.

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Tools and Resources

Amazon UX Checkout Tactics
Amazon released a new checkout user experience that might change worldwide shopping habits as we know them today.

Sketch for Teams
Sketch showed a preview of collaboration and versioning at Layers Conference this week.

SwiftUI is a simple way to build user interfaces across all Apple platforms with the power of Swift.

Shape by IDEO
A visual, collaborative space to build, test & refine ideas.


Benjamin Evans: The power of inclusive design – DesignBetter
Using techniques like design thinking, research, and storytelling to ensure a more inclusive experience for all your users.

Lou Rosenfeld – Industry Leadership in a Time of Change
Lou Rosenfeld talks about writing the first book on IA, watching the evolution of design practices, and more.

Continuous learning with Kate Rutter – UX Podcast
Kate Rutter talks about how to embrace continuous learning and personal growth.

UX Portfolio

Khang Lee
Khang is an Incoming Product Design Intern at Facebook.

UX Job

Marketing Specialist UX Research & Analytics at Bass Pro Shops – Cabela’s – Springfield, MO
Cabela’s is looking for a UX Research & Analytics specialist to provide guidance and support in designing and building digital products.

Last But Not Least

Building the most inaccessible site possible with a perfect Lighthouse score
Why we must not trust automatic testing numbers blindly./p>

“Design is about 3 dimensions and the 5 senses. ”
— Danielle Sacks