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Issue 234


Two Fundamental Approaches to Designing UX
A prescription versus platform approach.

A Designer’s Guide To Better Decisions
Why we often fall into four common decision traps and how to avoid them.

Setting the Right Tone in Design Conversations
Keeping participants engaged, listening, and on track.

Navigating ethical design in tech
Facebook’s VP of Product Design shares how our values are reflected in what we build.

Playable systems: 3 principles for ethical product design
Designing systems that empower the people who use them.


Get Your Free .design Domain Name!
Thinking of building your portfolio? .design is like .com and .net, but it’s more relevant to what you do as a designer. Your .design name comes with free email, SSL, & a Site Builder.

Claim Your .design Domain Name, Before It’s Gone!

Tools and Resources

A fast way to get visual feedback.

Data Populator
A plugin for Sketch and Adobe XD CC to populate your design mockups with meaningful data.

Accessible Color Generator
An easy way to generate WCAG AA/AAA color pairs based on an existing color.


Julie Zhuo – DesignBetter Pocast
Julie talks about the difference between leading and managing, and shares personal examples that can help you advance your career.

UX Portfolio

Khang Lee
Khang is an incoming Product Design Intern at Facebook.

Last But Not Least

Creative Types
Everyone has a Creative Type. What’s yours?

“Nail the basics first. Detail the details later.D”
— Chris Anderson