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Issue 23

If you have the time and want to read about a tale of two design cultures, check out The New Yorker’s 17,000-word profile on Apple designer Jonathan Ive and then read Why Samsung Design stinks. Have a great weekend.

– Kenny


Rethinking Mobile Tutorials: Which Patterns Really Work?
5 rules for creating effective mobile tutorials – use less text, don’t frontload, make it fun, reinforce learning through play, and listen to your players.

Embracing Uncertainty in UX Research
Matt Gallivan, UX Researcher at AirBnB, write that if you’re a UX researcher, you do yourself and your field no favors when you claim to have all of the answers.

Back Pocket Apps: Let’s Reconsider the Wireframe
If the best interface is no interface, then instead of designing systems to be touched and tapped, we should make apps that work best when our phones are in our pockets.

Personas Make Users Memorable for Product Team Members
When based on user research, personas support user-centered design throughout a project’s lifecycle by making characteristics of key user segments more salient.

Mobile UX Design and All the Ways It Could Go Wrong
There are a lot of factors that go into excellent mobile UX design and an equal amount of ways it could go wrong. This is a look at 5 mistakes you should try and avoid.

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Tools & Resources

A user story mapping tool for delivering the right product right on time.

Interaction Design Best Practices: Mastering the Tangibles (eBook)
A guide to show you how to reduce friction, design for time, create delight through animations, affect user decisions & behavior and much more.

User-onboarding as a service – create powerful user experiences by inserting some HTML.


2015 Interaction Design Today
Perspective on the field of interaction design today and where it’s headed.

Extra Credits: Tutorials 101
This is the video mentioned in the first article about mobile tutorials – it lays out some basic rules for crafting an effective game tutorial that we can extend to the world of mobile design.

UX Portfolios

Klare Frank
Klare is a Designer at Treehouse and can code as well. Her portfolio provides great overviews of her work, her role, design process, and deliverables.

UX Jobs

UI/UX Designer at BioLucid (Sarasota, FL)
BioLucid, a developer of immersive 3D software, mobile applications and a revolutionary medical visualization product, is seeking a highly experienced, motivated, and knowledgeable UI/UX Designer in their Sarasota, FL studio.

Sr UX Researcher at Kelley Blue Book (Irvine, CA)
Kelley Blue Book,the most trusted source in used car pricing, is hiring aa Senior User Experience (UX) Researcher that will drive insights to inform the definition and development of the user experience for new and existing products across all devices.

Last But Not Least

13 UX Mistakes Explained in GIFs
Next time someone creates one of these UX mistakes, just send them one of these reaction GIFs.

“The design of good houses requires an understanding of both the construction materials and the behavior of real humans.”
— Peter Morville

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