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Issue 225


Learning to prototype is more important than learning to code
Knowing how to prototype in a range of scenarios is a much more flexible set of tools to apply throughout a multi-layered design process.

Wireframes are becoming less relevant — and that’s a good thing
Are wireframes becoming less and less useful?

React for Web Designers
A simple way to understand the hype around the world’s most popular JavaScript library.

Design interviewing: ask me anything
Some transparency and advice based on experience being an interviewer and hiring manager at Dropbox.

How to Respond to Skepticism of Testing Small Groups of Users
Addressing concerns proactively to ensure your research is effective.

Ways to make your design process data-informed
How Dropbox designers leverage data to inform their designs.

Accessibility, a powerful design tool
When given the choice, people naturally prefer what’s easier for them to use, to read, or to understand.

Tools and Resources

Awesome Design Tools
A comprehensive list of the top design tools.

Absurd Design
A set of free surrealist illustrations for landing pages.

Guide to Material Motion in After Effects
A basic sticker sheet and workflow for animating user interfaces.

A free handcrafted iconset for your next project.

Material Icons Library
Free collection of 1000+ icons for Sketch, Figma, SVG, InVision Studio, Adobe XD & Photoshop.

UX Portfolio

Bethany Heck
Bethany was most recently the head of design at Medium.

UX Job

User Experience Designer at Sharp – Memphis, TN
Sharp is seeking a User Experience Interaction Designer to enhance their portfolio of smart home products.

Last But Not Least

A comprehensive (and honest) list of UX clichés
A guide for newcomers of phrases you’ll probably hear.

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.”
— Seth Godin