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Issue 223


Pixar’s Rules of Storytelling Applied to Product Managers & UX Designers
We constantly need to be telling stories when communicating with everyone.

Don’t Get Clever with Login Forms
Create login forms that are simple, linkable, predictable, and play nicely with password managers.

Interface Copy Impacts Decision Making
The language used in interfaces influences the decisions that our users will make.

4 Reasons Why You Should Design Without Color First
Creating your screens in grayscale before adding color forces you think clearly and prioritize right when it comes to UX design.

Prioritize Opportunities, Not Solutions
A product team’s job is to create value for the customer in a way that creates value for the business.

Tools and Resources

Maturing User Research
A strategy deck for someone trying to establish design research in a new time.
A place to follow & learn from the best designers.

Real-time whiteboard and collaboration tools for distributed teams.

Media – 10-minute Redesign
A redesign that talks about layout, alignment, typography, hierarchy, and other tactical design advice.

UX Portfolio

Ales Nesetril
Ales is a product designer co-leading a design team at STRV.

Last But Not Least

How I failed Microsoft’s interview as a UX Designer
Lessons learned from rejection and growth as a designer.

“Art challenges technology and technology inspires art.”
— John Lasseter