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Issue 222


The end of the celebrity designer
A more open approach to design helps build better products and demystifies the process for the rest of the company.

How white space killed an enterprise app (and why data density matters)
How to increase data density without decreasing the modern aesthetic of your application.

Search UX: 6 Essential Elements for ‘No Results’ Pages
How to prevent the “No Results” page from being a dead end and guide users towards better product-finding paths.

Principles For Designing Better Products
Four principles to design, manage and build better products.

Lessons from Design School for Software Engineers
5 lessons from design school that have been invaluable as a software engineer.


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Tools and Resources

Blacks Who Design
A directory of inspiring black designers in the industry.

“Marie Kondo” your Sketch files with these plugins
When your project stops to spark joy, try these tools.

An all-in-one tool for design systems.


Portfolios: The Do’s and Maybe Not’s
Dann Petty’s advice for your design portfolio.

UX Portfolio

Jenil Gogari
Jenil is a product designer at Datadog.

UX Job

Senior User Experience (UX) Researcher at Enterprise Holdings, Inc. – St. Louis, MO
Enterprise Holdings is looking for a Senior UX Researcher dedicated to creating the best customer experiences in the transportation industry.

Digital Product Designer at Leesa Sleep – Virginia Beach, VA
Leesa Sleep is looking for a Digital Product Designer who understands the intricacies of brand, visual design and UX.

Last But Not Least

Can’t Unsee
Select the design that is most correct.

“Change happens when enough people believe it’s going to work.”
— John Maeda

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