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Issue 217

Happy new year everyone. I’m looking forward to another year of learning, growing, and being inspired by the design community. What are your design goals for the new year?


Community-Based, Human-Centered Design
Don Norman and Eli Spencer propose a radical change in design from experts designing for people to people designing for themselves.

Tap to Dismiss
Designing accessible escape hatches for modals.

The New Frontier of Designing With Data
Knowing how to interpret data, by pushing beyond its limitations, is where the real value is.

Is Design Valuable?
A look at live case studies applying design to business outcomes.

The Elements of UI Engineering
A reminder on why building UI isn’t as simple as it looks.

Why design systems fail, and how to make them work
A look at one companies struggles when creating a design system.


Learn about design systems from the experts
Practical talks, hands-on guides, and inspirational soundbites from designers working on teams at Slack, Dropbox and Facebook, all curated by the team at Framer. Get everything you need to kickstart your team’s design system in 2019.

Tools and Resources

Design Conferences Guide
A spreadsheet of design conferences in 2019.

Screen Guru
Take clean screenshot of any website.

Design Camera
Create animated 3D design mockups in 3 seconds.


The People Stack Podcast: Jared Spool
Jared Spool talks about data, design and how understanding our users as people makes the best of both.

The 9 books designers should read in 2019
Books on everything from computer history to animal evolution, chosen by design leaders.

UX Portfolio

Richa Tripathi
Richa is an Interaction Designer living in Bengaluru.

Last But Not Least

The 15 coolest UI, UX, and tech demos of the year
Some of the most important projects of the year in graphics, interface, and user experience.

“Good is the enemy of great.”
— Jim Collins

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