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Issue 216


The Best User Experience Design Links of 2018
The top UX articles, tools and resources of the year.

GV’s Kate Aronowitz on how to jump-start your design career
Kate Aronowitz shares tips for designing the ultimate design career.

Modality Is the One UX Concept That Most Designers Don’t Fully Understand
Exploring the common standard of modality in user interfaces.

Designing for Interaction Modes
We humans have developed ways of coping with digital interfaces.

How we built the Figma Design team
An inside look into how Figma built their design team.

The paradox of choice for UX designers
As a UX designer, you need to account for the paradox of choice factor in your design.


3 Free Months of Online UX Design Courses
We’ve teamed up with the Interaction Design Foundation to give you 25% off their annual membership.

As a nonprofit organization, they provide you with access to over 25 UX courses at no extra cost.

Tools and Resources

2018 Design Tools Survey Results
A look into what tools designers were using this year.

Quickly discover the best fonts for your next design project.

A prototyping tool which helps you to build a website structure in a few minutes with ready-made blocks.


Switch to Studio
A free video course teaching design and prototyping with InVision Studio.

Loupe 2018
Videos from Framer’s design conference this year.

UX Portfolio

Andrés Arbelaez
Andrés is an incoming Product Designer at Facebook and CoLab Fellow at IDEO.

Last But Not Least

Need to remember something? Science says you should draw it
New research finds that the simple act of drawing boosts memory better than words do.

“Every great design begins with an even better story.”
— Lorinda Mamo

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