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Issue 215


Why most redesigns fail
A case study on big name redesign fails and what you can learn from them.

Stop showing design options and commit
Try to work towards a single assertion as to what the best solution is.

Make sense of rounded corners on buttons
When to use rounded or sharp edged buttons.

The great balloon of User Experience: from UX to Product Design
One designer’s journey from being an IA to UX Designer to Product Designer.

Prototyping Empathy
Six tips for staying focused on people while prototyping.

Design Ethics and the Truth About Who Designers Really Work For
Celebrate (and design for) the differences and inconsistencies.

What Is The Role Of Creativity In UX Design?
Susan Weinschenk explores what creativity is, what is happening in your brain, and the role of creativity in UX design.


Get Your Masters in Information Experience Design, Pratt Institute, NYC
Gain deep, design-oriented problem-solving skills that address real human needs and experiences. Get your Masters in Information Experience Design at Pratt Institute in New York City. Apply by January 5.

Tools and Resources

Continuing their yearly tradition, UX Mastery presents an advent calendar for UXers.

Mix and match illustrations of people with a design library.

Automatically transform your wireframes into prototypes.

A new vector design and animation tool that allows designers to work directly with assets that run in their final app.

Figma Community Resources Hub
Resources to help you learn Figma, level up your design skills, and implement best practices.

UX Portfolio

Gal Shir
Gal is a product designer & art director leading the design at Lemonade.

Last But Not Least

The State of UX in 2019
A look at design trends this year and how they will evolve in 2019.

“My favorite thing is to go where I’ve never been.”
— Diane Arbus

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