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Issue 210


DNA of a Designer
The traits of strategic designers and how they vary.

The Problem With Online Reviews
We reduced a thought process, that should take some time and effort, to basic numbers that mean nothing.

The Vortex: Why Users Feel Trapped in Their Devices
Many users report anxiety and lack of control over the amount of time they spend online.

The future of Information Architecture
A look at where Information Architecture might be going, given machine learning and voice interfaces.

What Is Good Design?
Designer’s answer the question of what good design means and why they think it’s important.

Why you should stop being a UI designer (and become a UI Redesigner instead)
Designers need to have a better understanding of their product.

Ideo breaks its silence on design thinking’s problems
Design thinking can be used as a superficial tool to make a company seem innovative–even when it’s not.


3 Free Months of Online UX Design Courses
We’ve teamed up with the Interaction Design Foundation to give you 25% off their annual membership.

As a nonprofit organization, they provide you with access to over 25 UX courses at no extra cost.

Tools and Resources

Flowchart Maker by Visme
A free flowchart tool.

A free Mac app for checking the accessibility of text against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

A design tool that is also a developer tool.

Mobile Patterns
Inspiration gallery of design patterns from successful apps.


Research on the fly with Cyd Harrell – UX Podcast
Key things for successful user research including what you should have in your kit bag.

UX Portfolio

Artem Fenoha
Artem is a UX/UI Designer at OWOX.

Last But Not Least

Magic UX
Magic UX is a new smartphone interface inspired by the physical world.

“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.”
— Neville Brody

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