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Issue 209


The business value of design
How the best design performers increase their revenues and shareholder returns at nearly twice the rate of their industry counterparts.

User flow is the new wireframe
An illustrated guide on the different ā€˜resolutionsā€™ of user flows, and when to useĀ them.

UX best practices: How to design scannable app screenshots
Why 7 seconds could make or break your mobile app.

Designing Better Choices for Your Users
The power of a nudge inĀ design.

The hidden privilege in design
It is our responsibility to create diverse teams that are able to truly relate to, empathize with, and understand marginalized users.

The message is in the model
How models and diagrams helped us communicate theĀ unseen.

Tools and Resources

A database of highly curated free resources for all designers.

Animate your Figma designs with our new Principle integration
Figma now integrates with the prototyping tool Principle, so you can easily build advanced animations of your designs.

A fast way to test your idea without building anything.

A motion-based capture and replay platform of mobile device interaction.

UX Portfolio

Niya Watkins
Niya is a freelance UX designer based in Washington, DC.

UX Job

Sr UX/UI Designer-Mobile at Funding Circle – San Francisco, CA
Funding Circle is seeking a talented UX/UI Mobile Designer who will be responsible for all stages of design in a given product area.

Last But Not Least

Confessions of a Flawed Designer
Comics on some bad habits to fix as aĀ creative.

“The way to do fieldwork is ever to come up for air until it is all over.”
— Margaret Mead