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Issue 208


Only One Deliverable Matters
Only the product matters. Everything else gets thrown away when you ship.

Universal Design: Design for everyone
Principles of Universal Design in daily life products.

Everything you need to know about skeleton screens
Research on if skeleton skills actually work.

Technology Myths and Urban Legends
When users don’t clearly understand how systems function, they develop unique theories to explain their experiences.

Research, Empathy, Simplicity, Speed
Four elements that are the foundation of great digital products.

How to speak up and impact conversations as a junior designer
The importance of speaking up to add your perspective when looking at a given problem, design, or topic.

About design critique
How design critiques create a beneficial culture.

Is Your Product Designed to Be Calm?
A scorecard for creating human-centered, anxiety-free solutions.

Tools and Resources

The Typographic Ticket Book
A great stocking stuffer with thirty-two common design infractions, each with an appropriate penalty, with plenty of room for improvisation.

Record your prototype and app with device frame overlay.

A visual design tool specifically designed to produce interactive, accessible, production-ready components and interfaces.

Adobe XD updates at Adobe MAX
Adobe XD announced voice-based prototyping, new animation support, and third-party plug-ins at Adobe Max.

Design README Template
Investing the time to write a great README saves design teams time as the team scales and its lineup changes. For more, read Documenting Design Workflows.


Good Design is Good Civics – Wireframe Podcast
Turning a human-operated phone line into a mobile app isn’t easy.

UX Portfolio

Paul van Oijen
Paul is a Product Designer at

Last But Not Least

We use too many modals when we don’t have to.

“Simplicity, carried to an extreme, becomes elegance.”
— John Franklin