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Issue 207


The Nuance of Better
If you want better products from your teams, define what better means and what needs to be better.

Confessions of a UX Designer
Past mistakes and lessons learned as a designer.

Micro nudge: a micro animation for behavioral change
Breaking down the psychology of a micro nudge.

Here is how UX Design Integrates with Agile and Scrum
A framework that spells out  how scrum and UX design integrate.

Seven deadly sins in UI and UX design
An extensive guide on how NOT to design your application.

Why Greatest Products Do Only One Thing
Why doing one thing really well is better than two or three.

Design Against Unhealthy Sound
How we can change our unhealthy sound habits.


3 Free Months of Online UX Design Courses
We’ve teamed up with the Interaction Design Foundation to give you 25% off their annual membership.

As a nonprofit organization, they provide you with access to over 25 UX courses at no extra cost.

Tools and Resources

Design Internships by Cofolios
A place to find design internships.

ScreenshotFlow Diagram
An Android app that creates user flow diagrams out of screenshots.

Figma Smart Selection
Figma continues to deliver new features to help relieve repetitive work for designers and speed up your explorations.


Good Design is Human – Wireframe Podcast
When things go terribly wrong, why do we blame human beings instead of bad design?

UX Portfolio

Mark Phan
Mark is a Product Designer who’s worked with companies like Apple, Groupon and Walmart.

Last But Not Least

A Decision Tree for Designers
When teammates go rogue, you need a system for reining everyone back in.

“Creativity is the depth of the honesty you express towards your possibility.”
— Paramahamsa Nithyananda

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