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Issue 206


The Psychology of Design
We can use some key principles from psychology as a guide for designing how people actually are.

How to give designers constructive feedback they can actually use
Constructive feedback about designs and work behaviors is a vital part of that process.

How to be Strategic
A good strategy is a set of actions that is credible, coherent and focused on overcoming the biggest hurdle in achieving a particular objective.

Designing Perceptions Instead of Solutions
Why a solution to a problem in the 21st century may not be the answer.

Designing the Invisible
A guide to designing for voice based interfaces.

How to build a case for a product redesign
The story of redesigning Fabric Crashlytics in Firebase.

Tools and Resources

Accessibility Cheatsheet
Practical approaches to universal design for making your website or app accessible to everyone.

Styleguides created by designers, extended by developers, and editable by everyone.

A better way to capture, annotate and share screenshots.

Sketch 52
Sketch now comes with Dark mode, a redesigned UI, ability to design with data, and more.

A free wireframe kit from InVision.

Design Tool Time Machine
See how design tools have evolved over the past year.


Wireframe Podcast (Trailer)
A podcast about interaction design from Adobe.

UX Portfolio

Cas Lemmens
Cas is a Human Interface Designer at Apple.

Last But Not Least

Font of all knowledge?
Researchers developed a typeface they say can boost memory and aid recall.

“As we decrease uncertainty, we give ourselves permission to increase fidelity.”
— Jonathan Irwin