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Issue 204

I started curating this newsletter 4 years ago and never imagined I would still be doing it today. Thank you for reading, sharing, and contributing. Enjoy this week’s links.


Ever wonder why the most popular apps are starting to look the same?
Designers can spend more time focusing on what really matters.

3 Tips for Designing Behavior Change
Every person building a product is ultimately designing for behavior change.

Designing with real data
How Dropbox uses Framer X and real data to design.

How to explain Product Design to Anyone
The definition, stages in the process, and the roles involved in product design.

Content or white space? Chinese vs. Western design aesthetics
Exploring how culture and language influence design.


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Tools and Resources

RealtimeBoard Mind Map
A quick and easy way for teams to capture, organize, and structure their ideas

Latinxs Who Design
A directory of thriving Latinxs in the design industry. If you want to create your own list you can clone it on webflow.

ColorBox by Lyft Design
Lyft’s tool used to create their accessible color system. For more, check out this talk on Designing a Comprehensive Color System.

Framer X
Framer X is now available for public download.

Decision Matrix
A tool to create a “decision matrix,” with basic prioritization and qualifiers for uncertainty. Read more about it here.


Enterprise Design Sprints – DesignBetter.Co
Learn how you can run, facilitate or sponsor your own design sprint and start delivering solutions in organizations of any size.

Jared Spool On How To Build A UX Portfolio And Land A Great Design Job
Jared with tips on how build a UX portfolio.

UX Portfolio

Lynette Bian
Lynette is a Product Designer at VMware

Last But Not Least

Design And Creativity Is Top-Class Sport
What separates designers from other people is that they have been training their design and creativity muscles for a long time.

“Don’t design for everyone. It’s imposibble. All you end up doing is desgning something that makes everyone unhappy.”
— Leisa Reichelt

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