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Issue 203


Disruptive Interfaces & The Emerging Battle To Be The Default
With disruptive interfaces on the horizon, defaults will rule the world.

Unboxing Chrome
With the recent redesign of Chrome, we get a look at redesigning the omnibox which has over 2,000 permutations before you even interact with it.

Checking time zone privilege in remote teams and global orgs
If we can’t collocate in space to show shared commitment, we can at least collocate in time to do so.

Breaking the Deadlock Between User Experience and Developer Experience
We can no longer talk about user experience (UX) without including performance as a first-class requirement.

When You Shouldn’t Take That UX Position
Warning signs and red flags in your job search.


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Tools and Resources

Adobe XD Resources
Free UI kits, icon sets, templates, and more for Adobe XD.

Mini Visual Starter Kit
Take the very first steps towards making your meeting notes and project planning more visual.

Microcopy Inspirations
Curated examples of good microcopy on websites and apps.

Apple Design Resources – Apple Developer
With new, bigger watches just announced, Apple has updated their watchOS design resources.

A design collaboration tool to share, present, and document your ideas as you go.


Be a Good Ancestor with Alan Cooper – User Defenders Podcast
Alan Cooper talks about why it’s so hard to build good software and why UX is about solving the big problems that exist for users.

Why Google is the most important design company of 2018
CEO Sundar Pichai explains how Google got design.

UX Portfolio

Shawn Park
Shawn is the Lead Designer at Blitz. Read how and why he redesigns his portfolio every year.

Uber Rebrand 2018
Uber rebranded itself again and put together a beautiful case study.

Last But Not Least

My aha moment as a UX designer
Elaine Tran’s story of her Aha moment into UX design and why it excites her each day.

“Visual organization is the deliberate prioritization of meaning within a visual design.”
— Luke Wroblewski

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