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Issue 202


A Portfolio Hiring Managers Can’t Deny
How to make a portfolio that lands your dream job.

The ultimate guide to proper use of animation in UX
All the main principles and rules of animation in one place.

Designing With Code
By exploring visual ideas directly in code, you start to see the amazing potential of code as a design tool.

Getting Remote Critique Right
Remote work brings with it some challenges to create a successful and happy team.

Design with Difficult Data
The text you start with will subtly influence your approach to layout and style.

How to stay scrappy
How to roll with the punches and embrace the fact that plans will change — no matter how good your specs are.


See how your visitors are really using your website
Hotjar is everything your team needs to:
✓ Get ‘in-the-moment’ visual feedback
✓ See how people are really using your site
✓ Uncover insights to make the right changes
Try it for free today.

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Tools and Resources

Design System in Figma
A free course in building a design system from scratch using Figma.

2018 Design Tools Cost Comparison Sketch
Looking at costs as a solo designer and a team of 10 designers.

Meaningful Motion UI
A free user interface animation course to grow your design skills.


Values are the experience with Kim Goodwin – UXPodcast
How we can enable organizations to make the decisions that allow great UX to happen.

UX Portfolio

Rolando Mathias
Rolando is a Product Designer at Schibsted Fintech in Stockholm.

UX Job

Freelance Mobile UX/UI Designer at KW – New York
KW is looking for a proposal from a single designer (not an agency) to complete a mobile ux/ui project.

Last But Not Least

If Screen Product Designers Designed Physical Products
Designing physical products as a screen product designer.

“Sometimes there is simply no need to be either clever or original.”
— Ivan Chermayeff

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