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Issue 2

It has been a crazy week thanks in large part to being featured on Product Hunt. We are now over 1,900 subscribers; not bad for something just two weeks old. Thank you all for the support and hope you enjoy this week’s UX links.
— Kenny


Is There a Formula for Delight?
Designing delight is part art and part science but we can’t design for emotion if your product isn’t usable, functional or

A Great Product Ruined
One of the world’s most influential designers, Don Norman, reviews the good, the bad, and the ugly from a set of LG Bluetooth headphones and concludes that LG needs to get their act together.

Sketching as a Practice in Observation
See how Veronica Martini, UX Designer at Tradecraft, improved her observation skills with 100 sketches in 2 days.

Would you like fries with that?
While many have called the hamburger icon a UX-antipattern, tested it on their mobile site and found it performed just as well on their users than other icons.

3 Ways Bigger iPhones Will Change App Design
User interface experts predict how app designs will change with the bigger screens including moving controls to the bottom of the screen, gestures replacing buttons, and more splitscreen apps.

LinkedIn’s Evil UX: It will spam everyone you know using one weird trick
See how a dark pattern resulted in one pissed off LinkedIn user inviting 200 users instead of 1.

The UX Perspective
If you’re not looking at something from a UX perspective — whether you are the designer or not — how are you looking at it?

Tools & Resources

Post-it® Plus App
Love using Post-Its? Capture your notes, organize and share with everyone.

Design Kit’s new tool to learn human-centered design including a free step-by-step guide (PDF) to the elements of human-centered design. They have even teamed up with Acumen to offer a free online course in HCD starting Oct. 14.

Unlock rapid growth by making a meaningful first impression with your user
A free webinar this Tuesday where Samuel Hulick of and Josh Porter, former Director of UX at HubSpot will reveal strategies that will improve adoption and engagement for your product.

Digital Tools for Design Research
A list of 16 tools to improve the research process of human-centered design including Typeform, Clarity, Optimizely, and more.

IxDA Discussion
The Interaction Design Association released an updated platform for discussions about education, career, and local groups.


User Interface 18 Featured Talks
User Interface 19 is next month and they are giving away over 12 hours of the featured talks from last year’s event for free. Watch user experience experts like Jared Spool, Kim Goodwin, Dan Saffer and more talk about everything from Essential UX Techniques for Creating Delightful Products to Discussing Design Without Losing Your Mind.

The Dancing Traffic Light
Nobody likes to wait. See how designing an entertaining experience led to more people waiting at a traffic light.


Michael Szczepanski
A Senior UX Designer at The Nerdery shows off some work including a Home Automation Smart Watch and a UX Team TV Dashboard.


Bridge 4 (San Francisco, CA)
Want to work for companies like Pinterest, Dropbox, Square, and Flipboard? Bridge is a professional development program from Designer Fund that connects experienced designers with top startups in the Bay area. Applications close October 26th.

User Experience Architect at Krossover (New York, NY)
Krossover is a sports media and analytics startup that brings easy video breakdown and in-depth analytics to coaches and athletes at all levels. They need a UX Architect to help them design, manage and improve their suite of products.

Blast from the Past

Dieter Rams: ten principles for good design
It’s always good to ask yourself if your design is good design by reviewing these principles – a timeless source of inspiration that any designer can appreciate.

Last But Not Least

Dedesign the Web
Can you guess the website based on its wireframe?

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”
— Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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