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Issue 198


Why Small Teams Win And Bigger Ones Fail
How many people do you need to design a great product?

Product strategy and the myth of the creative genius
How designers can maximize their influence.

Why design is the killer app for crypto
Why a design movement in crypto is needed.

Differences between Designing Native iOS Apps and Native Android Apps
A look at the differences between the two platforms.

Proactive UX Design: A Big Leap Requiring Baby Steps
Design leadership is a game of patience. If the rest of the team can notice you’re doing something different, you’re probably changing too much too fast.

Self-Service UX: ‘Cards’ Dashboards Must Be Highly Consistent and Appropriately Styled
If it doesn’t look like part of your UI, people will assume it isn’t.

The product designer’s toolbox
When every question has countless different answers, things get confusing.

Tools and Resources

A collection of useful online resources for designers.

UX Storyboard
Tell better stories of your product through storyboarding.

An open source tool for creating beautiful screenshots with device mockups.


Sprint Week –
Go behind the scenes of an entire design sprint for Kevin Rose’s app Zero.

UX Portfolio

Jenn Chau
Jenn is an Experience Designer at Siegel+Gale.

UX Job

UX/UI Lead Designer at MIT Technology Review – Cambridge, MA
MIT Technology Review is seeking a UX/UI Design Lead to join their product development team

Last But Not Least

Ten rules of good Product Design
10 rules that will help you to build a frictionless flow and a game-changing product.

“When politicians change their minds, we call it flip-flopping. When we change our minds about strategy, we call it good design.”
— Robert Hoekman

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