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Issue 194


7 Basic Design Principles We Forget About
Some basic design principles that will make your designs better.

What every product designer should take away from Lyft’s new UI
Lyft updated their app and made the most frequent elements the most reachable.

The Design Tool Dilemma
A detailed look at two opposing narratives emerging in the design tool space.

“Make it Pop”: How to not suck at giving feedback
How you can level up your feedback skills by providing good creative feedback

Five ways to tell if a company is really design-driven
Design representation in leadership, consideration as a stakeholder in projects, team processes, and design team feedback.

The Delicate Art of Interviewing Stakeholders
Why stakeholder conversations are the most important ones we have on any project.


Conduct twice the UX research in half the time!
Stop using spreadsheets and video conferencing software to conduct user testing. Validately provides an easy to use solution built from the ground up for UX research. You get a complete platform for moderated and unmoderated testing of mobile apps and websites, built-in collaboration, easy analysis and sharing of insights, and panel recruiting. Start spending more time actually focused on research. Start a free trial today!

Tools and Resources

Women Who Design
A Twitter directory of accomplished women in the design industry.

Font Memory Game
Learn how to recognize typefaces.

InVision mobile app
InVision has added features like Studio mirroring for mobile design reviews,Freehand support that brings a collaborative canvas to tablets, and more.

Sketch 51
The latest update to Sketch brings Styles to Libraries, adding fixed elements to Prototyping, and more.


Enterprise UX 2018
Talks for people who work for and in enterprises.

UX Portfolio

Dan Birman
Dan is a Product Designer at Uber.

Last But Not Least

10 years of the App Store
The visual design evolution of 10 original App Store apps.

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”
— Sylvia Plath

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