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Issue 192


The Comprehensive Guide to Finding a Kick-Ass UX Job
Key principles when approaching your next job search.

Designing for accessibility is not that hard
Seven easy-to-implement guidelines to design a more accessible web.

10 Small Design Mistakes We Still Make
Revisiting principles from Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug.

Designing search for mobile apps
Explore the various ways to implement search and the purpose behind each.

Design-Driven Companies. Are We There Yet?
The spectrum of design drivenness, challenges and strategies.

The ten commandments of UX
The foundational values of UX.


Focus on your design, not managing your tech
Jamf Now is a device management solution for the iPad, iPhone and Mac devices at work. We make management tasks like deploying Wi-Fi passwords, securing company data and enforcing passcodes, simple and affordable, so you can support your users; no IT required. Create your free account!

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Tools and Resources

UI Goodies
A directory of UI resources.
A directory of books every designer should read and why.

Figma 101 Course
A free 7-day course on Figma with daily tutorials, downloadable templates, and a cheat sheet.

Marvel Dashboard
A livestream of images uploaded to company projects in Marvel.

A simple too to quickly create mockup presentations for your app and website design.


Problem Spaces, Understanding How People Think, and Practical Empathy with Indi Young
The ways in which empathy is more complex than sympathy or compassion.

UX Portfolio

Sophie Gardner
Sophia is UX designer who previously interned at Google and Palantir.

Last But Not Least

Current state of webdesign
This is the unfortunate experience people get every day. We can do better.

“It’s art if can’t be explained. It’s fashion if no one asks for an explanation. It’s design if it doesn’t need explanation.”
— Wouter Stokkel