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Issue 191

Change is hard. I’m a big believer that putting yourself in uncomfortable situations allows you to grow. My challenge for you this week is to get out of your comfort zone and make yourself uncomfortable – learn a new skill, meet new people, or change your routine. I’d love to hear how it goes.


From First Mile To Nth: Onboarding Beyond User Onboarding
Why the nth mile matters just as much as the first.

How to Test Visual Design
When evaluating fonts, colors, and other visual details, assess both aesthetic impressions and behavioral effects.

10 insights into user-centered growth design
Some valuable growth design practices picked up at Dropbox.

Tips for designers to become better copywriters
As designers, what can we do to become better at writing copy for user interfaces?

Why Design Thinking is failing and what we should be doing differently
The art of problem-solving, thinking outside of the box and craftsmanship is dying in certain areas of the digital arena.

This is all you need to know to conduct a UX Survey
How to design them, advantages, disadvantages and how to increase participation.


Start steering your career in the right direction
Follow one of the Interaction Design Foundation’s new learning paths and start enhancing your professional profile.

Through our partnership, you can get 25% off their annual membership which provides access to all courses involved!

Tools and Resources

Figma 3.0
A major update to Figma that adds styles, updates to prototyping, and more.

Zeplin 2.0
Zeplin has updated with new features and improvements including components, renaming assets, a revamped interface and more.

Sketch Beta 51
The next version of Sketch featuring library styles, fixed header/footer in prototypes, and other enhancements.

Inspect by Abstract
Inspect provides one place to access the information needed to implement any design.

The films, books, and podcasts that inspire design leaders
A list of books, podcast, film, and more that inspire design leaders.

Twitter’s open source emoji featuring 2,841 emojis for free

UserLook Recorder
Remote user testing videos w/ just a link.

Studio Shortcuts
A list of Keyboard Shortcuts for Invision Studio.

The Ultimate Sketch Resource Archive
Sketch kits, companion tools, plugins, learning resources and more.


A video series exploring human-centered design, hosted by Google’s Yasmine Evjen.

UX Portfolio

Agatha Tutia
Agatha is a Master in Human-Computer Interaction + Design candidate at the University of Washington in Seattle.

UX Job

UX Designer at Cloudvirga – Irvine, CA
Cloudvirga is looking for a UX Designer that wants to disrupt the mortgage industry and design intuitive experiences for homebuyers, realtors and lenders.

Last But Not Least

Five rants from a cranky designer
Long, tedious rants are boring…so here are five short ones after two decades in design.

“Change can be frightening, and the temptation is often to resist it. But change almost always provides opportunities – to learn new things, to rethink tired processes, and to improve the way we work.”
— Klaus Schwab

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