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Issue 190


The Problem with Patterns
Patterns should never sacrifice user context for efficiency and consistency.

How To Turn Your Users Into Advocates
To succeed in the modern market, companies need to turn their faithful users into advocates.

Architecture vs. (so-called) UX Design
Thoughts on designing for the user in the physical and digital world.

Why touchscreens in cars don’t work
Observing the behavior of 21 drivers and realizing what’s wrong with automotive UX.

Promise, Vision, Scenario, and User Stories
Promises can be the key to how you deliver better products and services.

The Impact of Voice in UX Design: And what to do about it
For web and application designers, voice interaction represents, perhaps, the biggest UX challenge since the dawn of the touchscreen age.


User Testing Made Easy
Create user tests in minutes. Run studies with hundreds of participants or just a few. A Loop11 user test can record video, audio, surveys, tasks, clickstreams, heatmaps and more. Loop11 is the better way to run UX studies on your prototype, website or app. Try it for free today!

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Tools and Resources

DesignOps Handbook – DesignBetter.Co
Learn how creating these centralized services and systems helps grow integrated, high-functioning teams.

Framer X
Framer is coming out with a new product that allows you to use components to build entire interactive design systems, all based on React and ES6.

Avocode 3
A platform-independent tool that helps you share, access and inspect design source files.

Design Challenge
Challenges that test the process & creativity of designers.


Maria Giudice – DesignBetter.Co
Maria talks about overcoming team silos and learning to lead with influence instead of authority.

Laura Klein – Inside Intercom
Laura on why assembling a great product team is like pulling off a heist, to tips for improving collaboration and marrying business needs with user goals.

UX Portfolio

Nicole Jiang
Nicole is a Product Designer at Mixpanel.

UX Job

UX Designer (All levels) at Fragomen Worldwide – Pittsburgh, PA
Fragomen Worldwide is looking for strong UX Designers at all levels to join their Technology & Innovation Lab in Pittsburgh.

Last But Not Least

The ‘UI and UX Design’ Pocket Guide (Vol 1)
11 tips for designers from a designer.

“Design is the intermediiary between information and understanding.”
— Hans Hoffmann

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