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Issue 186

Lately I’ve been thinking of designing for human memory. If you have a minute, I’d love to get your thoughts on how you match names to faces. Hope you enjoy this week’s links.


Learning to let go as a design leader
As the scope, scale, and accountability of change gets greater, you need to learn and perfect mechanisms to allow you to deal with that change.

User research — what’s tomato ketchup got to do with it?
A real life example that shows how design decisions should always be based on user research.

Evolution of Android Homescreen and Navigation
A look at how key features of Google’s core mobile operating system have changed over the last ten years.

Yes, design systems will replace design jobs
An argument for where software design is headed. Here’s the counter argument.

Plugged In
Microsoft is increasing their focus on inclusive design with a new Xbox Adaptive Controller to make gaming accessible.


PingPong makes global, moderated user research simple
We all know that talking to users is essential for building better products. But until now it has been painfully complex. PingPong takes care of all the hard stuff and saves you days of work. So you can be interviewing and learning from real users in just a few hours.

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Tools and Resources

Starter Plan for Adobe XD
Adobe XD has introduced a Starter Plan and has made it available to everyone for free.

Weekly Product Design Exercise
Receive weekly exercises inspired and used by companies like Facebook, Google, and WeWork to interview UX design candidates.

7 Non-UX Books Every UX Designer Should Read
Books that are not about UX but each having an important lesson to teach you

10 tricks and techniques to make the most out of Sketch
A quick illustrated guide to help you become a real Sketch professional.


Jared Spool: Content Strategy in UX
Jared Spool talks about content strategy and how it manifests in user experience design.

Meriah Garrett – DesignBetter.Co
Meriah talks about scaling with intention and ensuring that customer experience and a human-centered approach are always at the heart of design.

UX Portfolio

Nalena Santiago
Nalena is a User Experience Designer currently working at Samsung Research America.

UX Job

Design Lead at Rootstrap – Los Angeles, CA
Rootstrap is looking for a lead designer who loves all things interactive and wants to push the boundaries of technology and user experience.

Last But Not Least

How not to write an error message
Discover all the ways the internet’s most well-meaning messages can go horribly, horribly wrong.

“Put hot triggers in the path of motivated people.”
— B.J. Fogg

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