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Issue 184


How paper wireframing will make you a better designer
Why paper wireframing is a must-have skill.

5 more drawing exercises
Using different aspects of observation to strengthen our visual thinking.

Portfolios Aren’t What Get You the UX Design Job
Why the portfolio isn’t the only thing recruiters are focusing on when looking for an ideal candidate.

The divisiveness of design thinking
Exploring the split between the value of design thinking and the backlash.

A Guide to Interviewing Users
The benefits of interviewing and how to interview users the right way so you get the most valuable information from the beginning of the design discovery phase.

Stop separating product and marketing design
“Marketing” and “product” are simply way stations on that customer journey, and what matters more is orchestrating that entire experience.

Working Memory and External Memory
Different tasks have different working-memory requirements.

Tools and Resources

Design Competition Categories, Deadlines and Prices
A helpful resource of design competitions, compiled and sorted.

Prototypr Toolbox
Search, filter and compare the latest design tools.

Create simple, A/B polls to gather super quick feedback.

Easily get fonts that you’ll never see anywhere else.

Using Sketch’s Symbols as Links for Big Projects
A simple hack to navigate huge Sketch projects faster.

Framer – Modular
A free Android UI Kit for Framer featuring Material Design elements that adapt to any screen size.


Google I/O Design
Google’s annual developer event will feature design related topics that will be livestreamed.

UX Portfolio

Rachit Gupta
Rachit is a UX Designer at Google.

Last But Not Least

How to be a mediocre UI/UX Designer
How to restrict yourself to be mediocre and have time doing other fun stuff.

“Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just to sum everything up.”
— Tate Linden