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Issue 183


How to develop an eye for Design
By routinely analyzing other apps, you’ll develop your product thinking and get better at designing apps yourself.

Users Don’t Hate Change. They Hate Our Design Choices.
Principles of embraceable change can help eliminate the friction when changing our designs.

Scrolling interactions and techniques
Some do’s and don’t’s, pros and cons, and a few rules about how to incorporate scrolling

What I have learned at Google as a designer
A running list of learnings & insights from a designer’s ongoing journey as a Googler.

What are Tooltips and Why Should You Use Them
Tooltips can help explain the core product features but don’t abuse them.

How to look at evidence and not translate it into your own agenda
True empathy is hearing and understanding in order to implement solutions to meet the actual user needs, not just our interpretation of those needs.

Most Design Feedback Should Be Ignored
Designers often receive subjective feedback because design is perceived to be a subjective subject.


Get Your Free “Persona” Template
A persona is a crucial design tool, so make sure yours contains all the required information by downloading your free “Persona” template.

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Tools and Resources

Collect and understand user feedback with in-app surveys and feature requests.

Figma to React
A tool to convert Figma designs to React code.

The Complete Guide to Wireframing
Why you should wireframe, when to do it and a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it.

Cards and Composability in Design Systems
Structure, content, style & behavior of composed components.


The She Word: Catherine Courage, on designing her career
An interview with Google’s VP of User Experience on how she “puts herself in other people’s shoes” to design the best possible products for them.

UX Portfolio

Joren Devocht
Joren is a freelance designer in Belgium.

Last But Not Least

7 inexcusable yet common UX gaffes that make you look like a total amateur.
Common design patterns that aren’t that great.

“Design isn’t crafting a beautiful textured button with breathtaking animation. It’s figuring out if there’s a way to get rid of the button altogether.”
— Edward Tufte

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