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Issue 182


Delicious Digital Design Process
A guide how to survive in the digital design competitive world.

Reframing Your Impact as a Design Lead
How to figure out your path as a design lead when you no longer have craft to point to.

Dear Ueno: how to be brave and start all over again (as a UX designer)?
Some helpful advice on how to evolve to a UX career.

How To Improve Your Design Process With Data-Based Personas
What do data-driven personas look like, and how do you make one?

Designing (and Learning From) a Teachable Machine
UX insights on designing simple, accessible interfaces for teaching computers.

Scrolling and Attention
People scroll vertically more than they used to, but new eyetracking data shows that they will still look more above the page fold than below it.


Measure the Impact of Your UX with Data
“If only my stakeholders understood the value of UX.”

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Tools and Resources

100 example UX problems
A list of common UX problems to challenge and inspire designers.

Envoy Design
Stories and ideas from designers that challenge the workplace status quo.

UX folio
Build a beautiful UX portfolio quickly and easily.

User research tool box
Over 270 user research tools.

The version control app and plugin for Sketch has a new update to maximize productivity.

Want Figma API inspiration?
Since the release of Figma Platform, people have created everything from style guide generators, PDF export and more.


Data is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things – Users Know Podcast
Kate and Laura talk about some good approaches to treating your users’ data a little more respectfully.

Concluding the Design Process – The Design Review Podcast
Chris and Jon talk about some of the issues that impact the part after you figure out what the design should entail.

UX Portfolio

Leanna Leung
Leanna is a product designer at Atlassian in San Francisco.

Last But Not Least

Good Designer, Bad Designer
What separates good designers from bad designers

“Look at usual things with unusual eyes.”
— Vico Magistretti

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