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Issue 179


Here’s everything I’ve learned from designing 10,000+ UI screens as a lead product designer.
10 lessons learned while reflecting on one’s design career.

Build your design portfolio around one awesome story
Advice for designers putting together their first or second portfolio.

In defense of UX research
User researchers support you in making the best possible thing for the people you’re making it for.

Threads in Slack, a long design journey
The design process at Slack and how much they underestimated its complexity.

In Defense of Post-its
Sticky notes strengthen team dynamics and represent an egalitarian, concise means for expressing ideas in UX design projects.

The Nomadic Designer
Tips and tricks to work on the road as a designer.


Claim Your Free .design Domain Today
Innovative companies like Facebook ( and Airbnb (, along with thousands of designers have embraced the new .design domain. Get your free .design domain.

Tools and Resources

User Personas and Journey Maps Sketch Templates
Quick and easy-to-use templates for your next UX project.

A hand-picked collection of latest design patterns from mobile apps that reflect the best in design.


The LX: Leading Experience 2018 Recap
A recap and videos from this year’s Leading Experience conference.

How Dark Patterns Trick You Online
A look at how some sites use dark patterns to trick you.

UX Portfolio

Nickki Nguyen
Nickki is a UX designer currenltyl working at

UX Job

Atom Tickets – Director of Design (Santa Monica)
Lead a team of talented and experienced designers charged with creating experiences that inspire movie lovers.

Last But Not Least

How to Efficiently Design Everything at the Last Minute
Twelve steps to procrastinate like a professional.

“I design with the hierarchy of the people with the greatest need first, so we end up thriving—not just surviving—by design.”
— Patricia Moore

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