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Issue 178


Working Through Design Challenges in Digital Product Design Interviews
How to approach a design challenge no one expects you to solve. For more, check out Solving Product Design Exercises.

Your Work is Starstuff
How the distinct ache of lost work is part of a larger story.

Logical Fallacies In Design Critiques
Three common logical fallacies and how they are found in design critiques.

Ethical Design: The Practical Getting-Started Guide
How unethical design happens and how to do ethical design through a set of best practices.

Five Tips for a Successful Career as a UX Researcher
Some tips on having a successful career doing human factors, usability, and user experience research work.

A DevTools for Designers
It’s time for visual design tools in the browser.

Tools and Resources

The Design Genome Project
Explore the DNA of the world’s best product design teams.

Figma Platform
Figma now has an API that enables apps, websites and internal tools to integrate directly with them.

A service to bring design mentors and mentees together in one place.

Lunacy, Sketch for Windows
A native Windows app that works offline and supports .sketch files.

Sketch Library – Web Components
A free Sketch Library of native web components.

Vue Design System
An open source tool for building Design Systems with Vue.js


Designing for a World Without Screens
Golden Krishna challenges the norm of screen-based bondage by revealing how to build a technologically advanced world without digital interfaces.

Lynsey Thornton – DesignBetter.Co
Scaling design at Shopify and Lynsey’s biggest piece of advice for finding great org design inspiration.

UX Portfolio

Paul Annett
Paul is a independent UX lead previously at Twitter and GOV.UK.

Last But Not Least

The Evolution of Tools
Closing the loop with design intelligence.

“A problem well stated is a problem half-solved.”
—  Charles Kettering