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Issue 176


Tech Companies Are Starting to See the Value of Design
In this new era, smart corporate leaders are embracing the idea that design can be a crucial differentiator.

Good to great UI animation tips
Practical suggestions to improve your UI micro-interactions.

The Design Theory Behind Amazon’s $5.6 Billion Success
Successful design is not necessarily beautiful.

The Evolution of UX Process Methodology
The UX process is confusing even to most designers.

The Great Design Battle of 2018
Trends and predictions about the future of design tools.

Designing Jank-Free Apps
How designers can help prevent visual glitches in iOS apps.

Tools and Resources

Design in Tech Report 2018
Examineing how design trends are revolutionizing the entrepreneurial and corporate ecosystems in tech.

User flow diagramming tool for designers.

Sketch Plugin for Framer
Copy and paste directly from Sketch into Framer.

The UX Designer’s Ultimate Compendium of Free Typography Resources
Ultimate list of free typography resources for UX designers.

UX Portfolio

Steph Parrott
Steph is a Product Designer at Square and previously at Box.

UX Job

UX Designer – Red Ventures (Pasadena, CA)
Red Ventures is looking for UX designer with strong visual and interaction design skills to create experiences that empower consumers to make smarter financial decisions.

Last But Not Least

An exploration of visual indicators in real life
Extending UX and interface design principles beyond digital products.

“Fail often so you can succeed sooner.”
— Tom Kelley