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Issue 175


How do you design a design doc?
Tips on creating design documentation.

What web designers need to know about Hick’s Law
How to apply Hick’s law to your UX design.

Where Microcopy and Video Games Meet
How microcopy is a game changer and what can UX Designers learn from video games.

The microcopyist: cancellation, confirmation, conflagration
Writing microcopy for destructive actions.

Design, system.
What happens when someone deviates from what we’ve designed?

UX Expert Reviews
Expert reviews involve the analysis of a design by a UX expert with the goal of identifying usability problems and strengths.

Tools and Resources

Prototyping, Libraries on Sketch Cloud and an official iOS UI kit in Sketch 49
Big update from Sketch that allows you to create interactive prototypes.

Figma prototyping: now with transitions
Figma now supports adding a dissolve, slide, or push effect to your clickable prototypes.

Flows in Zeplin
Zeplin has already integrated with Sketch’s new prototyping feature to allow linking between screens.

iOS 11 iPhone GUI
Facebook’s iOS 11 kit now supports Framer.

Visual collaboration tool for designers.


Beyond User Podcast: Marc Hemeon
The distinction between art and design, how ugly design can beat beautiful design, and how to explain the value of your work.

Inside Intercom Podcast: Joel Calfia
Subverted design, the shifting responsibilities of a designer, and how to make a big impact with small design changes.

UX Portfolio

Angela Nguyen
Angela is a visual interaction designer currently designing voice experience and natural UI at Amazon.

Last But Not Least

Attention hacking is the epidemic of our generation…
Exploiting a user’s mental biases to directly influence their daily choices.

“Understand the box and you understand the behaviour. Design the right box and you can control behaviour.”
— Ian Leslie