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Issue 174


Design’s Lost Generation
As professionals in the design field, it’s time that we aim for a professional level of accountability.

7 Practical Tips for Cheating at Design
Improving your designs with tactics instead of talent.

How To Be A Great Junior Team Member
How to make the very best of your first real job.

Introducing C.A.R.E.
A well-considered user onboarding funnel will grow your business while a leaky one could kill it.

User Journey Maps or User Flows, what to do first?
The differences between user journey maps and user flows and which one to focus on first.

Handlebars in UI Design
A look at the interaction of ‘handlebars’, an element which has risen in UI design with touch screens.

Tools and Resources

Zeplin Extensions
Zeplin now allows the community to build extensions to help generate code snippets from designs.

Angle 2
Over 500 devices and mockups in a giant Sketch Library and a free Angle plugin.

How to Save UI Designers & Front-End Developers up to 50% of Their Time
The importance of implementing a design system, how to do it, and even a free UI kit.

Desktop prototyping
A desktop kit for Framer to prototype with realistic Mac and Windows environments.

Timeline animation directly in Sketch


The Art and Soul of Selling
How Jaimee Newberry sells design to close millions of dollars in deals.

UX Portfolio

Ryan Scott
Ryan is a Senior Product Designer at DoorDash.

Last But Not Least

Caffeine-infused design comics
Another collection of random comics by Pablo Stanley related to design, office work, and the inability to sleep.

“There are two words every designer needs to feel comfortable saying: “no” and “why.””
— Mike Monteiro