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Issue 173


Seeing vs. reading
The key to creativity is to alternate between those two thinking modes.

Design for a Vision
Why a design vision is important and some exercises to create one.

23 Facilitation Tips for Design Sprints
A few principles and tricks when facilitating a design sprint.

5 Rules for Designer-Engineer Collaboration
Five rules for both designers and engineers to improve their workplace collaboration.

Customer journey mapping: the path to loyal customers
Five steps your team can take to start journey mapping.

How to Survive as Your Company’s Solo UXer
Working as a UX team of one is not an easy job but it can be tremendously rewarding.

Tools and Resources

30 great UI Kits for iOS 11
A curated list of free UI kits for iOS.

a tool for creating, managing and sharing design systems.

Sketch Plugins I Can’t Live Without
A list of useful plugins for Sketch to improve your productivity and designs.

A tool to share your ideas visually with diagrams, flowcharts, and wireframes.


New Users Matter, Too! Designing Better Onboarding Experiences
An overview of best practices as they relate to learning and engagement, including patterns and anti-patterns.

Humanising Autonomy
A free ebook about focusing on the user when it comes to autonomous vehicles.

Solving Product Design Exercises
Learn how to solve and present design exercises that businesses use to interview designers.

Rachael Mullins ‘Bring out your inner UX writer’ – This is HCD (Podcast)
Principles of good UX writing.

UX Portfolio

Tyler Rogers
Tyler is a product designer at WeWork.

Last But Not Least

UX Design, Be My Valentine
A love letter from a new UXer.

“When you can’t differentiate on price, the only thing left is experience.”
— Andrew Doherty