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Issue 171


Make me think!
The design of complexity.

Designing beautiful mobile apps from scratch
A step-by-step design process to learn or improve upon your digital design skills.

Design Discourse Is In A State Of Arrested Development
A lack of thoughtful design criticism has serious consequences for the design profession and society.

How to improve your design process with copy docs
Organize your writing with this easy method.

Why Personas Fail
Pitfalls that cause personas to fail, and how to avoid and overcome them.

Dear Apple, please fix notifications
Tiny changes like these can have enormous impact on the emotions users experience when using a product.

Sketching in the Browser
Designers and developers continue to work in entirely different mediums.


See Your Designs from the Other Side of the Screen with FullStory
Wondering how users are taking to that new redesign? FullStory removes all the guesswork by showing you every click, swipe, and scroll. Best of all, you can try it for free.

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Tools and Resources

Haiku for Mac
Haiku, a motion design and UI building tool, has launched their free public preview.

Design Leadership Forum
A community where design leaders can learn from one another.

Sketch to PPT Converter
Drag and drop your sketch file to convert to a PowerPoint doc.

A curated showcase of websites that nail copywriting.

Test and get analytics for your InVision prototypes.

Design flows – Sketch UI Kit
A free kit to help designers create user flows in an easy and consistent way.


Joel Califa On What Makes Design Leadership Work
An interview on how his career took shape, how to lead design teams and where he thinks the future of design is going.

UX Portfolio

Buzz Usborne
Buzzi s a Product Designer at Help Scout & Founder of Prevue.

Last But Not Least

Confessions of a UX designer
Failures and learnings on the path towards becoming a better designer.

“My idea of a perfect world really can’t be designed by one person or even by a million experts. It’s going to be seven billion pairs of hands, each following their own passions.”
— Jay Silver

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