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Issue 170


The King vs. Pawn Game of UI Design
If you want to improve your UI design skills, have you tried looking at chess?

The UX of AI
Using Google Clips to understand how a human-centered design process elevates artificial intelligence.

How to Build a Design System with a Small Team
5 tips on building a design system with lots of additional resources.

How to Take Design Feedback from Non-Designers
Handling feedback from non-designers is much different than that from your designers. Also check out Don’t take design critique as an insult.

Why you shouldn’t skip your wireframing
Skipping wireframing and jumping straight into UI work will hurt your final design.

Interview tips: The critical first five minutes
The first few minutes of discussion are vital to establishing rapport with your participant.

Communication layers you need to know about in UX Leadership
Why being a good communicator is a crucial skill to have as UX Lead.

Tools and Resources

iOS 11 UI Kit for iPhone X
A comprehensive iOS 11 UI Kit for Sketch.

Zeplin + Adobe XD CC
Zeplin now integrates with Adobe XD CC

Diagram Generator
Convert your formatted data into a mental model diagram.

Streamline UX
3,000 vector illustrations for interface and UX design.

UX Portfolio

Kejia Shao
Kejia is a UX designer at Google and hosts a mandarin design podcast.

UX Job

Lead Product Designer at The Black Tux (Santa Monica, CA)
Lead a small team of talented product designers to produce intuitive and effective designs and make a lasting impact on the experience and design direction of The Black Tux.

Last But Not Least

How Design for One Turns Into Design for All
A generational change in thinking about designing for diversity and inclusion.

“To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.”
— Giorgio Armani