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Issue 166

I’m taking the next two weeks off so this will be the last issue for the year. Thanks for reading, happy holidays and see you next year!
– Kenny


The Best User Experience Design Links of 2017
I looked at the stats for the past 50 UX Design Weekly issues and filtered out the best of the best.

Tips and tricks for tongue-tied designers
A practical and actionable guide to talking about your designs.

The Power of a Trained Mind
What does it take to be a successful designer?

9 ½ Plausible and/or Absurd UX Industry Predictions for 2018
A lot of these trend articles to end the year. If that’s your thing, check out 18 Designers Predict UI/UX Trends for 2018 and Fjord Trends 2018.

Looking to Horizon: Why We Built A Design System
Why Twitter created their design system.


25% Off Online UX Design Courses for a Whole Year
We’ve teamed up with the Interaction Design Foundation to give you 25% off their annual membership.

From just $72, you can take as many online UX Design courses as you want over the next year.

Tools and Resources

iOS 11 iPhone GUI
Facebook Design added Origami, Sketch, and Photoshop templates of GUI elements found in the public release of iOS 11.

Sketch Elements UI Kit
A free iOS UI kit, brought to you by Sketch

Sketch 101 Email Course
A free 7-day email course to learn Sketch.

Sneak peek: A new InVision
Coming in 2018, an update that makes InVision faster with a new unified design and a place to organize all your project-related documents.

Haiku is an app for creating interactive, animated UI components built for production.

Framer – Design Everything. Better.
Framer is launching advanced path editing, boolean operations, adaptive layouts, and much more.

UX Portfolio

Mel Smith
Mel is a Product Designer at DroneDeploy.

Last But Not Least

4 Design Principles My Landlord Doesn’t Understand, Apparently
Learn from their mistakes to actually get the results you intend from your communcations.

“Designing without real content or data is not problem-solving; it’s fantasizing.”
— Kim Goodwin

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