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Issue 164


2018’s UX Designer Salary Forecast
The biggest trend for 2018 is the widening salary range for more experienced designers

I interviewed at Facebook as a new grad. Here’s what I learned about design.
Takeaways from a Facebook interview experience, along with some of their values seen during the process.

Good design doesn’t make people happy
Happiness is a byproduct, not a metric, of success.

Strategic Storytelling for Designers
How to align user research presentations for decision making.

Zigzag Image–Text Layouts Make Scanning Less Efficient
Decorative images used in an alternating list layout caused users to stumble when scanning the page in an eyetracking study.

Narrative Wireframes
The story-telling approach to UX design.


25% Off Online UX Design Courses for a Whole Year
We’ve teamed up with the Interaction Design Foundation to give you 25% off their annual membership.

From just $72, you can take as many online UX Design courses as you want over the next year.

Tools and Resources

Design Kit Travel Pack
Bite-sized tools to spark creativity and collaboration by
A hub for the broader design community to learn about and engage in discussion around the craft of building design systems.

Sketch plugin that helps you get your design files as clean as a whistle.

Diagram Generator
Software by Indi Young to generate a mental model diagram.


Design Systems Handbook
How you can create your design system and help your team improve product quality while reducing design debt.

Leading Design 2017
Videos from Leading Design 2017.

DesignOps Summit
Video, decks, sketchnotes, and more from this year’s DesignOps Summit.

UX Portfolio

Kyle Thacker
Kyle shows his work as a product designer with thoughtful case studies.

Last But Not Least

UXmas is back for 2017 with an advent calendar for UX folks.

“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole.,”
— Theodore Levitt

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