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Issue 163

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The First 15 Seconds
How do you build a product that engages a user quickly enough to engage them over time?

The Pocket Guide to Creativity
Ideas and techniques to improve your creativity process. Also check out 23 Tricks to Supercharge Your Creativity.

Instagram’s Billion Dollar Mind Trick
When a product is tightly coupled with a thought, an emotion, or a pre-existing habit, it creates an “internal trigger.”

The Slow Decay of a Designer
As we climb the corporate ladder, we find ourselves designing a little less every day.

Visual Hierarchy and the fundamentals of interaction
A proper visual hierarchy will create proper visual cues to the users.

3 Best Form Design Practices for your design process
A short takeaway of form-design practices and insights for designers.


Don’t Just Listen to your Customers — Understand Them
Dovetail is a simple & affordable tool for staying on top of user research & feedback. Analyze interviews, testing observations, NPS responses, and more. Collaborate with PMs & researchers to find patterns and link to user quotes that support your design. Try Dovetail free for 14 days!

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Tools and Resources

Random prompt generator for whiteboard design practice.

Simplified remote user research.

50+ upcoming UX Conferences in 2018
A list of UX conferences from around the world in the new year.


Giant List of UX Books
A giant list of UX books for UX designers and researchers.

Build your career as a UX designer
Summary and video from a 3 day AdobeLive workshop with Johny Vino.

UX Portfolio

Chris Liu
Chris Liu is graduating from the HCI program at Carnegie Mellon University in May. He worked as an UX design intern at Google.

Last But Not Least

Laptops Are Great. But Not During a Lecture or a Meeting
Laptops distract from learning, both for users and for those around them.

“The greatest sin of a designer is the silo.”
— Erin Hoffman-John

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