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Issue 159


The Endless Battle: User-centered versus designer-centered
The core of interaction design is the user, not the designer.

Applying human-centered design to emerging technologies
How can we ensure we’re designing for what people really want with technology like VR and AR.

14 Uncomfortable Habits That Will Make You a Better UX Designer
Learn and grow by getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.

The Quintessential Guide For Building An Unforgettable First-time User Experience
If you want to build a product people love, you have to build a first-time user experience that tells an emotional story.

Strategies for Thriving in Your First Product Design Role
Some helpful tips Chris Chan wish he knew before starting my first design gig.

A closer look at Google Calendar’s new design
A look into the juicy UX decisions in the redesign of Google Calendar.


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Tools and Resources

Questions UX Designers Should be Asking
A list of questions to ask at every stage of the process.

Voice Guidelines
A curated set of guidelines for designers to quickly learn about creating voice interfaces.

DesignOps: A List of Resources
Ideas about what it really takes to put design at the center of their business strategy.

Design System Manager – InVision
InVision acquired and is launching a unified platform to design at scale by helping teams create, maintain, and evolve a powerful design system.

Flow lets you animate designs from Sketch and generate production-ready code.

An interactive UX research framework template

Zeplin + Figma Integration
You can now export your Figma designs to Zeplin.

Interactions 2.0
Webflow added timeline-driven animations, scroll progress and mouse interactions, and more.

Balsamiq Cloud
Balsamiq is now available as a web-native web application for collaborative wireframing.

UX Portfolio

Design intern portfolios at top tech companies.

Last But Not Least

Sketching Interfaces
Airbnb is experimenting with generating code from low fidelity wireframes.

“Design is about the rendering of intent.”
— Andrea Mignolo

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