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Issue 157


Google is really good at design
Google is finally unifying devices and software through design.

One Year Designing at WhatsApp
Thoughts on how WhatsApp and Facebook design at scale.

Dead-End UX
The big problem that Facebook, Twitter, and others need to solve.

Don’t Let Your Brain Deceive You
How do you know whether users are being fair and objective in their feedback?

Building Design Collaboration Into Your Workflow
Learn to include others in your process early and often, share and gain insights into how each side works, and focus on removing friction from your partnerships.

Distilling How We Think About Design Systems
Some clarity to what can seem like a jumble of new terms when talking about design systems.


Northwestern’s MS in Information Design and Strategy — where data meets story
Learn how to blend digital skills with branding and messaging, translate data into compelling visual forms and narratives, and understand how research and analytics can drive communication strategies and tactics.

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Tools and Resources

Calling for Wisdom
How we might design for wisdom.

Designing for iPhone X
Guidelines to designing for iOS 11.

Sketch 47
Big update here. Sketch now allows you to sync and use Symbols across all your Sketch documents.

Design feedback via chat.

A laptop case with a built-in whiteboard.


Video courses for UX/UI Designers.

UX Portfolio

Shannon Rae
Shannon is a recent UX Designer from Cincinnati, Ohio. Her portfolio takes you through her thought process using case studies for different clients.

What do You Want To See In My UX Design Portfolio?
20 Designers Give Advice On What’s Important For Your UX Portfolio

Last But Not Least

11 Optical Illusions Found in Visual Design
Understanding the reasons behind why some of these everyday ‘gotchas’ can leave you bewildered.

“Interdisciplinary collaboration produces more interesting and innovative ideas.”
— Julia Kafanskiy

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